Quality assurance

BIOWORKS® Verfahrenstechnik GmbH has committed itself fully to stringent quality standards and has been certified according to ISO 9001:2008 continuously  since its early days.

BIOWORKS® has a large production and logistics center at its disposal, including testing facilities for the in-house production.  BIOWORKS® exercises a rigorous quality control regime. The aeration, the core component of the biological stage, is produced in-house, from the joining plastics parts to final assembly. The production process implements several quality testing procedures.

With regard to the necessary raw materials we only rely on high quality products from reputable manufacturers from German production.

Comprehensive quality control with meticulous recording and secure packaging ensures that our products arrive on site as our customers can expect it.

The outsourced equipment – which is almost exclusively manufactured in Germany-  is carefully chosen by our engineers for its purpose. Incoming parts and machinery is subject to scrutiny and quality control.

Deliveries are inspected prior to shipment  for its destination. If required by the customer, we can also arrange third party inspection (if necessary also witnessed) by international inspection companies  like SGS , Intertek or equivalent.

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