Shakbuz – Nakhcivan, Azerbaijan


Capacity: 12.833 PE (60) with 2.800 m3/d

Commissioned: 2018

Process: Activated sludge plant with extended aeration and floating/ moving fine bubble aeration according to BIOWORKS® design. Tertiary treatment with micro-filter and UV-disinfection.



The wastewater treatment plant for Shakbuz is located in Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, a landlocked exclave of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The project was realized together with a local partner and went into operation in November 2018.

The scope of BIOWORKS® included the complete design works, supply and installation of the electromechanical equipment as well as the automation and control system with SCADA of the treatment plant.

The plant comprises also full tertiary treatment with micro-filtration and UV-disinfection station. The plant is able to fulfill the high outlet requirements.


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