Amylum - Bulgaria


Aeration capacity: 3.972 m3/h

Start-up: 2021

Process: Activated sludge plant with simultaneous denitrification and floating/ moving fine bubble aeration according to BIOWORKS® design



Our client, ADM Razgrad EAD Bulgaria, is a manufacturer of a variety of corn-based products. Due to expansion of the production capacity, a retrofit of the aeration system at the company's own wastewater treatment plant was realized. In order to achieve a high aeration efficiency during the biological treatment of the industrial wastewater, the floating, fine-bubble OXIWORKS® aeration system was installed. Additionally the aeration system was equipped with the self-cleaning OXIRISE®-System. The OXIRISE®-System ensures easy maintenance and optimal cleaning of the diffusers.



BIOWORKS® scope of work included the design and delivery of the aeration system as well as the installation supervision. Due to the travel restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, an on-site presence was not possible. Therefore, an online installation training was carried out. Thanks to the regular online support offered to the customer's staff, the installation, commissioning and start-up could be carried out very successfully and within shortest time.


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