Shorouk - Egypt


Capacity: 400.000 PE (60) with 60.000 m3/d

Start-up: 2013

Process: Activated sludge plant with extended aeration and floating/ moving fine bubble aeration according to BIOWORKS® design.



The wastewater treatment plant for Shorouk City is located approximately 30 km east of Cairo International Airport and treats the wastewater of the Shorouk city settlement. The project was realized under the consortium EGYCO / BIOWORKS and went into full operation in January 2013. It is separated in 2 parallel treatment lines, each with a capacity of 30.000 m3/day. The scope of BIOWORKS included the complete design works and supply and installation of the electromechanical equipment as well as the sealing of the basins with HDPE liner. The effluent quality is excellent, reaching outlet values of BOD/TSS < 12/15 mg/l. The treated water is used for irrigation.


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