Simmertal - Germany


Capacity: 5.000 PE (60) with 864 m3/d

Start-up:  2015

Process: Activated sludge plant with extended aeration and floating/ moving fine bubble aeration integrated in an existing Schreiber-Plant.



In the Simmertal group sewage treatment plant, the wastewater is purified from five local communities. The plant is a countercurrent system with a circular basin in which the secondary clarifier is embedded. The initial plant was equipped with surface brush rotors for oxidation duties.  Due to the poor performance of the rotors both biologically and economically, the aeration system was replaced by the floating fine bubble aeration system OXIWORKS®. There are 20 aeration chains radially installed each with two aerators.

The required air flow is supplied through three variable frequency controlled blowers. The oxygen measurement sensors together with the implemented control system ensure the necessary adaptation of the power of the blower and thus the economic operation of the entire aeration process.

The aeration is equipped with self-cleaning OXIRISE® for high performances and easy maintenance.


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