SBR systems

BIOWORKS® can offer full design and supply of SBR (sequential batch reactor) systems. SBR systems distinguish themselves from conventional treatment by eliminating the secondary clarifier and instead operating in a “fill, aerate, settle, draw” cycle. SBR systems are particularly well suited for high strength industrial waste water and if a reduced footprint is necessary because of land restrictions.


Key features of SBR treatment:

  • Compact design, process steps by sequence “all one tank”
  • No secondary clarifier necessary
  • Operation by sequential fill & aerate / settle and emptying of two or more tanks
  • Typically external aerobic waste sludge digestion or simultanous aerobic digestion
  • Enhanced BNR (biological nutrient removal) possible
  • Reduced footprint

BIOWORKS® has extensive experience regarding SBR systems, with capacities up to 60.000 m3/day.


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